Hawaii Day 3 – Happy Birthday Sam-HI – Two Minute Travel

Hawaii Day 3 – Happy Birthday Sam-HI – Two Minute Travel

Today we checked out the Moana Surfrider Pool which is about ten meters away from the sea. You can reserve beach umbrellas, but they’re $80USD for the day, cheaper to come down early and just grab a recliner under an umbrella by the pool for free!

We also had lunch at the pool – expensive. Two burgers and fries, a cocktail, and a lemonade ended up being $70USD after 18% tip. Depending on your status, you can get discounts off food, mine was 35% off, but not including drinks, tips, or taxes. They always get you with the fine print.

Checked out of the hotel, they didn’t give me the food discount. Not intentionally, so it pays to check out your bill just to double check.

We did a bit of window shopping, starting by checking out Food Pantry, the tourist supermarket in Waikiki. Even though cocktails at the beach may be $20 each, a 750ml bottle of vodka is only $15USD. Weirdly a bottle of champagne is over $70USD, way more expensive than New Zealand.

There’s also good shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue, a high end department store in Waikiki. The selection of clothes is really good, but very high end – $15000USD fur coats. And that was on sale!

Finally, we checked out The Cheesecake Factory in Waikiki. It’s like a massive, successful, Cobb & Co. You want pasta,. Sandwiches, steak, avocado salad, guacamole, pretty much anything, they’ll serve it. Reasonable value for downtown Waikiki.

And the reason why we’re in Hawaii – our friend Samantha’s birthday, where Kathryn gave her a special birthday gift!