Explore Railey Jungle w/ Surfer Friends from Hawaii | Fulltime Travel Family of 6

Explore Railey Jungle w/ Surfer Friends from Hawaii | Fulltime Travel Family of 6

Lost in the Thai Jungle?? Nothing like flip flops in high grass, lol. NO worries. How did this happen? Meet the Newton’s! We had so much fun with new friends this week. We call them the Gnarley Family, because they are a super rad surfer family from Maui, Hawaii. We appreciate them including the kids and us in some of their adventures during their stay. And watch for that reward via the sky at the end!!

****Ready for some jungle and beach exploring??****

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Hey, by the way! So…we are worldschoolers. Don’t know what that means? Worldschooling means different things for different people, but overall and in general it means that we are teaching our kids about life hands on through experiences as we travel. Our motto is “We Travel, we Learn, we Love, & we Serve.” And we try to do just that as we move around this beautiful planet seeing new things, making new friends, trying to leave it a little better than we found it and experiencing other cultures first hand. It’s an amazing trip, this life, but of course it also has it’s downs. This is still our “real life” with kids arguing, tears, hurts, downfalls and the like. We always try and “reboot” our attitudes and get back on the road with a happier attitude. It is a choice!

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